Vital Oxide 2.5 Gal Bag in a Box

Vital Oxide also comes in a 2.5 Gal Bag in a box.

Vital Oxide Features:

  • Kill Bacteria and Virus
  • Heavy Duty Odor Eliminator
  • Mold & Mildew Remover with up to six months residual effectiveness
  • Eliminates Allergens in your home
  • Carpet Sanitizer
  • Two Dilution options
  • EPA Low Toxicity Category

Measuring 10” x 10 x 10” and weighing 22.75 lbs makes it the ideal container for commercial use or large mold remediation jobs. Apply Vital Oxide to eliminate Mold and Mildew as well as Bacteria and Viruses.

  • Item #: 9250

Vital Oxide 2.5 Gal Bag in a Box

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